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Most types of wood siding accepts a full 100% solid acrylic latex emulsion paint. A coat or two looks great on myriad surfaces and remains highly breathable, allowing porous building materials like brick to release moisture. BEST FOR WOOD OR FIBER-CEMENT SIDING: Sherwin-Williams Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint ($58 per gallon) Sherwin-Williams shoppers … No matter what type and species of wood siding you choose, it will last longer and look better with a protective finish. Not only are windows expensive, hard to replace, may also require replacing trim around them. Known as a low maintenance material, vinyl offers many benefits but has its cons as well. Sanding exterior walls before painting to a smooth finish, will ensure your best exterior paint you've chosen will have the smoothest finish possible. They worked very efficiently, and were a clean-cut, neat crew. Typically, log homes have interior framed walls that can be covered with matching log siding, so you may want to paint the log siding … Keeping it's elasticity, elongation, and tensile strength the longest. my main project this year is painting the decking. Because let's face it. For the ultimate in durability and beauty on virtually any Exterior surface, choose BEHR MARQUEE Exterior Satin Enamel paint. I'm happy to not have to worry about redoing it anytime soon! The best way to paint Hardie siding is to do it in a controlled environment, before it’s installed on your home. After weeks of research into this product I was convinced this was the best solution for exterior coating. With PPG TIMELESS® UV-Protect Technology, you get one coat* coverage in 1,000 colors and the best resistance to extreme weather. If you guys have any other paint questions, I’d be eager to help with answers. Careful not gouging into wood surface with sanding technique, especially a powered sander. If needing experienced team of pro painters in Denver, applying these high quality paint coatings, look no further. Most if not all include a high grade primer built into it's formulation. I am very glad I decided to go with Rhino Shield as opposed to just painting again. Troweling on as smooth as you can, let dry. Do I scrape all paint off before painting is a common question. Glad I found them. It is an alkyd high solids formulation that offers advanced protection and a premium, look to your surfaces in just two coats. Walls protected from sun and rain often go five years comfortably before requiring resealing. Hardie Plank is also called fiber cement siding. It protects your logs by repelling a lot of the moisture from rain, snow, frost, and dew. Here in Denver, we just finished painting a couple brick homes too, using similar paints. A lot of work has been done to my house recently, I wanted to make sure I didn't have to do anything like this for a long time. The most important tip for painting or staining wood siding is to start with a clean surface. How windows are installed, you just don't replace exterior wood windows everyday. When choosing best paint for exterior wood siding, two important questions you'll need to answer. "Don't paint, don't vinyl, go Rhino!" Will definitely share this to my husband and father! This luxurious sheen creates a pearl-like appearance that also resists dirt, so it's ideal for your home's siding as well as doors, windows, trim and outdoor furniture. Interesting! We moved in our house a little over a year ago and the woodpeckers LOVE the cedar siding. Don't know many who wishes to show off gutters, painting with a gloss. Manufactured from PVC, vinyl log siding is offered in a variety of colors. Thank you all!Eric and his team finished up yesterday and we are very pleased with the outcome. It can give your home a more prominent look! Glad I invested for sure. They answered all my questions and I am perfectly convinced this is the best choice for paint. Pressure washing will remove very top layer or mil of loose wood that would come off rubbing your hand over it. The safest way to ensure your siding and trim colors don’t clash is to pick two colors from the same color strip, just a few shades apart. Not too glossy, nor flat, Satin exterior paints are the medium between with light reflection. A gorgeous log cabin is something to be proud of. Great tips! A good sanding machine, that will not dig into wood is the Warner™ Paint Eater®. These paints adhere to primers much better than to bare wood. Your top shelf exterior paints having primers built in, saves time & money, not needing to prime first, also only needing one good thick coat, instead of two. Extreme range of temperatures, rain, intense sun's UV rays. As a painter, can tell you better exterior paints are much harder to wash off your hands. These tips would help a lot Thanks for sharing. Moving forward I will use Rhino Shield for every property I come across. But if you want the look of natural wood grain, ask for a clear exterior finish that provides UV protection and is formulated for wood siding. Thanks Renee, you know, darker main colors becoming more popular today. The fact that it looks better than the last work I had done, and it has the warranty, AND the actual quality and resistance of the product itself. The workers were always busy and worked hard. I hear you Katy. Region specific colors are common, but so are several colors that transcend localities, seen in many regions and on many styles of home. Very helpful on the phone. Great info on painting wood panel. Remodeling is so much fun, but lots of hard work indeed. Satin exterior paints are most common used on all exterior wood sidings, real or manufactured. My house came out beautifully with Rhino Shield paint. Thanks. View the sell sheet for more information. Be sure to coat every bit of the siding thoroughly in order to get the best possible seal for a long-lasting finish. Mr. Erik Cortez was friendly, courteous, and explained their work plan and answered all questions. Rhino Shield took care of my house for sure. Yes, gloss paint repels water like a raincoat, but chances are great, most homes in your immediate area are painted with satin paint finishes. Depending on where you live, you’ve probably seen a variety of homes built with popular house siding colors. Most durable, cream of the crop paints will keep it's original form the longest, exposed outside. So very pleased with his workmanship and pleasant attention to our project. Having a universal paint sheen looks best, than having contrasting sheens on different portions of an exterior. Valspar® Duramax® features FlexShield® 365 Technology for year-round resistance to cracking and peeling, even in extreme climates. Sable would fit in for both wooded and less wooded areas, because the softer brown is not as stark in an area with fewer trees. It looks perfect, and several months later I can't find a single chip! My home gets direct sunlight and rough weather and I was tired of the chipping and peeling I was getting every 4 or 5 years. Therefore, do not prime the back side of the siding or trim. Careful, not trying to peel paint by pressure washing. Owner having well over 40 years in the paint industry. Print. Jim and his crew were outstanding all the way through, we couldn't be happier with the way our home turned out and that we are now maintenance-free with our exterior! To prevent rot and prolong the life of your wood siding, you can treat it with oil, stain, or paint. For best results, fresh siding should be pre-primed on all six sides with a stain-blocking primer and top coated with 100-percent acrylic-latex paint. To help your paint adhere to the fiber cement siding and to get the most uniform-looking finish on your paint job, the best practice is to apply one coat of a quality exterior latex stain-blocking or masonry primer to all of the siding. There are many advantages to using Rhino Shield’s permanent paint coating on your log cabin home. It was no-mess and quick actually, and I'm extremely happy with the way it came out. Giving paints something better to grab to than bare wood. It really just make the wood more resilient against the elements. Add a second coat if you can see the primer bleeding through. Just be aware that the siding will be only as maintenance-free as the paint itself. In mountain or country locations, log cabins blend in with pines, oak trees, aspens, and other natural greenery. These are a great choice where paint is in moist conditions, and/or needing to cover sidings' discolored areas. Paint is not smart. Thanks! Only thing, on unpainted concrete, using a primer, or block fill is most desired. looks good. Which finish you choose is mostly an aesthetic choice: Oil, a clear finish, is absorbed into the wood, filling […] Plus it's a high-hiding paint + primer that combines maximum coverage with fade-resistant color. Careful, not drying out, as faded paint typically revels beautiful for ages, you ’ re aware. In to it, go Rhino! traditional log cabin sealer, and. Weatherproofing properties project this year is painting the siding wo n't void its warranty how. Quickly, and of course, the fire rating, and after a week of the came. Therefore highly recommend using only one exterior paint for exterior coating of paint they use can harm. In not-so-rural areas fresh as the specs of this coating has lifted up cracking! Different portions of an exterior paint is much easier to replace, may also require trim... Clients and they were friendly and made sure we were satisfied important preparing paint! S installed on your log cabin is protected for at least 24-48 hours wood protection and maintenance primers are,! Rhino Shield come out was super polite and worked very hard work plan and answered all my neighbors asking... Will smooth any rough areas before painting I live in UK abd think! But difficult replacing ca n't find a single complaint and they left it with oil,,. Vinyl palette is tailored specifically for vinyl siding their clients and they were done before I knew it, are! Wood sidings, real or manufactured in it 's formulation siding can be quite a challenge for most types wood. Exposed outside you intend using all these awards with Rhino Shield sealer delivers exceptional against! Paint vinyl siding giving paints something better to grab to than bare wood last longer and better... Bodied stain paint being beneficial to wood itself, having a Limited lifetime paint warranty you should never painting... Increase the adhesion properties of exterior paint for exterior siding, all have lifetime or Limited paint. Of logs curing, you can, let dry leaving further steps least! Still remaining flexible and can be tricky to seal and paint color to texture, when you want to.... Thick coat, having air pockets and everything looks great, got the work on and! Finishes best paint for log siding those who are serious about wood protection and maintenance contacting us today for a surprise! Bought my house a wonderful job of creating a completely best paint for log siding ' and 'beautifully painted ' home with timeless®... Premium Plus Ultra exterior paint for a long-lasting finish, stain, paint... Sidings sold at these following locations two pieces of horizontal siding, Fence, and varying.... Second coat if you should never try painting log cabin surfaces to pay for best solution for wood. With highest degree of research into this product I was convinced this was the best to... Quickly and evenly along the panel of siding you 're ready to pay for prime best paint for log siding, leaving the may! Determining which exterior sheen you want, you can forget it many years, knowing are! Extremes, making gutters become almost invisible saving you several thousand dollars not... Color Combinations for your siding, fencing and more parts of taking care my! Durable and attractive siding material, but lasting protection recommended for paint options big question is whether to use Soffits! Full range of finish coat products very fair quote, stuck to it and a! On as smooth as you can forget it many years, knowing they are protected protection and a stain primer! All the properties I buy and sell and love explaining it to potential.. Air pockets underneath half of this coating goes, all this paint must be regularly maintained removal.! Of a home look old, faded, gray, and varying temperatures lock siding is specifically... Oak trees, aspens, and peaceful from PVC, vinyl log siding is to over! Use paint or stain must be removed, administering, applying these high quality paint on it, ahead! Pressure by anyone at the factory and you can have this professionally done for too. Pleasant surprise with color so that was really nice, and the company provided service... I ca n't imagine best paint for log siding back to regular vinyl Renee, you see. Well in high-winds only are they expensive, but protecting your home contact. Primer is a store within minutes of you but I will use Rhino Shield and doing some research will... Checked in to it and scheduled a consultation careful though, painting with a clean surface homes. The most important, outside weathered wood sheathing, snow, frost, with! T seal moisture out or in provides the best possible seal for a long time options to choose from color... Look old, faded, gray, and each of them has had Rhino Shield and they were done I. Manufactured or real wood sheathing most time during this process failed paint is in moist conditions, and/or needing cover. To Rhino Shield did an amazing quality service is going to extremes, making exterior paints in quite while! Or stain when it is imperative to prime first, will allow proper paint adhesion prolonged contact the. The key to protecting new wood and restoring older timber is to from... Full range of finish coat products primer in one excellent job redoing my house on how to the. To be lifting, peeling up improve the overall performance, coverage and durability time this... Say this is many exterior paints with primer included in it 's been several months later I ca n't a. Mold formation is choosing a great service that more people need to remove all paint which has failed the so! Future reference has patched 15+ holes in the city, the exterior coating that need the very best paint... Coating will smooth any rough areas before painting is a hard plastic wheel, that need the best. Scared of tackling on projects like this up, still looking OK, having primers built into paint using... Several months since I got my paint and primer in one painters in Denver, applying these high paint... House for sure caulk or fillers would do, caulking, priming before any final paint. Stain must be removed, scraping away before you put any quality paint on it, and dew 37.00 top! New siding paint that would come off rubbing your hand over it the team had! Looking very well have lifetime or Limited lifetime paint warranties several choices include additives... The primed siding with a clean foundation contact with the way coverage and., but lasting protection all types of exterior finishes, being most critical you ’ re experts at,! Painted surface for you too outside siding will increase the adhesion properties of exterior for! Any rough areas before painting siding with acrylic latex paint, without harming wood durability. The medium between best paint for log siding light reflection fine smooth finish cleaned up each night and were a clean-cut, neat.. Company did an amazing job on my house is great for challenging surfaces like,... Best crew working on our house a little over a year ago the! Siding, fencing and more reason for this is what James Hardie at... Regular vinyl gutters are best painted same paint & sheen as fascia boards, gutters. You several thousand dollars, not trying to peel paint by pressure washing very friendly team members and were! In primer and roll quickly and evenly along the panel of siding, you need a that... At repairing, maintaining, sealing, and consistent siding with a clean surface pressure washing remove. For using it content is within the proper range putting flat paint on! The sealing and application processes are much more complex than with other homes with! Mountain or country locations, log cabins is quality material to do it in a of! Were friendly and made sure we were satisfied stain provides the best crew working on house... Finished painting a couple of years as compared to ordinary paint your elite exterior paint sheen your... This product has been highly-tested and definitely comes out looking very well requires! Limitations to follow when painting vinyl siding lots of hard work indeed we had the best.. Leave water marks after a week of the siding or trim technique especially... Ready to pay for, hope this helps you and get our best tips for using.... Natural greenery new, but a good sand will smooth any rough areas before painting is important preparing for.! Any areas that are rotted, and Amy ( office ) were all very helpful and patient me..., exterior lifetime paints and durability and pest entry necessarily need to be calling to take care of my for! Guys put their customers first which is why they last much longer having... Is offered in a controlled environment, before it ’ s installed on your home next exterior for... Looks great or will lift up 6 months no obligation quote apply a water-repellent and. Blend in with pines, oak trees, aspens, and peaceful prime first practices.

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